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MITSUBISHI X053C834G53 X052B387G54 X055C538G54 X056C833G54 D6310A M132 ID=0.205MM GUIDE UPPER

●Application:Wire-cut EDM
●OEM numbers:X053C834G53 X052B387G54 X055C538G54 X056C833G54 D6310A M132
●Packing quantity:1 pc(s)

Product Description

◆OEM numbers:M132 X053C834G53 X052B387G54 X055C538G54 X056C833G54 D6310A


◆Machine type:Mitsubishi BA24, Mitsubishi BA8, Mitsubishi CX10, Mitsubishi CX20, Mitsubishi DWCXXX-SA, Mitsubishi DWCXXX-SB, Mitsubishi DWCXXX-SZ, Mitsubishi FA10, Mitsubishi FA10-P, Mitsubishi FA10-V, Mitsubishi FA10-VS, Mitsubishi FA20, Mitsubishi FA20-P, Mitsubishi FA20-V, Mitsubishi FA20-VS, Mitsubishi FA30-P, Mitsubishi FA30-V, Mitsubishi FX10, Mitsubishi FX10-K, Mitsubishi FX20, Mitsubishi FX20-K, Mitsubishi FX30, Mitsubishi FX30-K, Mitsubishi PA20, Mitsubishi PX05, Mitsubishi QA10, Mitsubishi QA20, Mitsubishi RA90, Mitsubishi SX10, Mitsubishi SX20

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EDM Spare Parts for  middle speed / high speed wire cut edm machine :Moly Wire,Guide Wheel Accembly, Brass Guide Wheel (Pulley ) Set and related parts .

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